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The Multi-Vendor Marketplace is repeatedly named one of the most important trends in eCommerce

Yet, not many businesses adopt this business model; hence the competition is still low. Taking our years-long eCommerce domain experience and numerous MVM projects we developed, we decided to create software that will be tailored to the needs of the most advanced digital commerce.

Sell online without the headaches of a store owner

OpenMarketplace by BitBag is the perfect solution for online stores with multiple independent sellers as well as virtual shopping malls with separate departments or selling channels.

What's inside?

On the foundation of PHP programming language, Symfony framework and Sylius platform, we built a high performing, extendable eCommerce marketplace platform - providing the environment for developers to build a truly outstanding experience and make it much simpler to deliver digital solution to merchants that see marketplace experience as key strategy of their years to come business.

General features included in our solution

In addition to standard eCommerce functionalities such as search engine or checkout
OpenMarketplace covers:

Vendors registration & management

Headless support

Conversations between the vendor and the administrator

Adding listings

Listings management

Orders management

Shipping management

Vendor profile page

Review management by vendors

Shipping configuration per product

Product listing per channel for vendor

Vendors commission configuration

Top-level concepts

  • OpenMarketplace is a Sylius-Standard & Symfony-based open source project
  • All functionalities may be extended thanks to the fact the whole solution is entirely based on Sylius and Symfony.
  • It is compatible with the latest version of Sylius and Symfony, meaning most PHP libraries, Symfony bundles and Sylius plugins are usable with the platform
  • OpenMarketplace is a framework for building tailored, scalable, composable, headless and open-source-based Multi-Vendor Marketplaces, just as Sylius

OpenMarketplace is compatible
with Sylius and Sylius Plus



Sylius is an open-source eCommerce framework dedicated to small, mid-market, and enterprise brands. The main useful of Sylius: B2C/B2B eCommerce and Multi-vendor Marketplace!

Sylius provides good-quality code and appropriate architecture. Headless gives freedom of integration, easy expansion of the eCommerce system with new functionalities, easy opening of new channels based on the API interface, and many more. It is flexible and will allow you to scale the store in the future.

Sylius has been designed to adapt to the pace of your eCommerce development, so you won't have to change the platform when your business starts to grow. Sylius works well with the most modern and scalable infrastructure.

Sylius has a powerful REST API that can be connected with any frontend or architecture of microservices.

Your Sylius-powered eCommerce store can be fully customized to your needs - sylius allows for wide customization.

Easy integration with any solutions available on the market, such as PIM, CRM, CMS, or marketing automation tools. You can choose any software that meets your business requirements.

Sylius allows you to combine various sales channels and ways of reaching the customer.

With Sylius, you can manage all of your shops from one place.

Sylius has a flexible administration panel that can easily adapt to your business requirements.

Sylius Plus

Sylius Plus

Sylius Plus is a flexible eCommerce framework dedicated to enterprise. In addition to open-source benefits, Sylius Plus includes a set of enterprise-class features and technical support from the creators. Sylius Plus is modular, which means you can freely choose and buy modules, thus adapting the platform to your needs.

Sylius Plus benefits

Sylius Plus allows you to operate internationally from multiple legal entities or business units

Partial Shipping allows you to split your order into multiple shipments for orders containing multiple products with different shipping requirements or availability. Thanks to this module, the store can handle such an order even more effectively, shortening the delivery time and providing accurate tracking information for each package.

The module “Multi-source inventory” enables the shipment of products from the most optimal source and allows you to track the availability of products in multiple locations. It includes an integration layer with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) or warehouse management system (WMS).

Thanks to this module, store owners employing many employees with varying degrees of access can assign access permissions depending on the employee's position. In this way, the owner ensures appropriate protection and security of sensitive data.

The "Returns Management" feature allows customers to manage their returns in the "My Account" section. In turn, employees can easily check and manage these returns from the admin panel.

This module allows you to control your eCommerce by creating and choosing an administrator for each channel.

Sylius Plus has a loyalty points system allows you to build long-term relationships with your customers, motivating them to place orders in your store.

The B2B module has a number of features dedicated to the B2B business model.

  • Organization Management
  • Customer Groups Pricing Lists
  • Organization Pricing Lists
  • Quick Shopping
  • Efficient search engine
  • Order Management
  • Multiple Wishlists
  • Import/Export Integration Layer

This module allows you to place all standard steps necessary to complete an order, such as billing and shipping addresses, shipping options, and payment information, on one page. OnePageCheckout provides better UX, increases conversion rates, and reduces abandoned carts.

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