Vendor onboarding, communication, payment splitting, report generation, and document processing in one solution

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What is Sylius Plus Marketplace?

Sylius Plus Marketplace, also known as Marketplace Suite, is one of the Sylius Plus modules. The module allows you to create a Marketplace for multiple suppliers using the robust capabilities of the Sylius platform. This solution provides a comprehensive, customizable, and versatile business platform suitable for organizations looking to leverage the benefits of Multi-vendor eCommerce platforms.

Who will it be best for?

  • Online stores with multiple independent sellers
  • Virtual shopping malls with separate departments or selling channels
  • eCommerce platforms that are willing to develop marketplace strategies

What's inside?

The Sylius Plus Marketplace is structured around a modular monolith architecture. Constructed with the PHP programming language and leveraging the Symfony and Sylius frameworks, this platform stands out as an efficient and scalable solution for eCommerce trading. It is distinguished by its high degree of customizability, employing full-stack Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) through the use of Behat and PHPSpe

Sylius Plus Marketplace covers:

Vendors registration & management

Vendor profile page

Review management by vendors

Conversations between the vendor and the administrator

Product listings

Product listing per channel for vendor

Orders and shipping

Shipping configuration per product

Vendors commission configuration

Headless support

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Other Sylius Plus modules

Sylius Plus

Sylius Plus

Sylius Plus is a flexible eCommerce framework dedicated to enterprise. In addition to open-source benefits, Sylius Plus includes a set of enterprise-class features and technical support from the creators. Sylius Plus is modular, which means you can freely choose and buy modules, thus adapting the platform to your needs.

Sylius Plus benefits

The B2B module has a number of features dedicated to the B2B business model, like Multiple Pricing Lists, Multiple Wishlists, Organization Management, Quick Shopping, and more.

Sylius Plus allows you to operate internationally from multiple legal entities or business units.

The "Returns Management" feature allows customers to manage their returns in the "My Account" section. In turn, employees can easily check and manage these returns from the admin panel.

The module “Multi-source inventory” enables the shipment of products from the most optimal source and allows you to track the availability of products in multiple locations. It includes an integration layer with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) or warehouse management system (WMS).

Sylius Plus has a loyalty points system that allows you to build long-term relationships with your customers, motivating them to place orders in your store.

Thanks to this module, store owners employing many employees with varying degrees of access can assign access permissions depending on the employee's position. This way, the owner ensures appropriate protection and security of sensitive data.

Partial Shipping allows you to split your order into multiple shipments for orders containing multiple products with different shipping requirements or availability. Thanks to this module, the store can handle such an order even more effectively, shortening the delivery time and providing accurate tracking information for each package.

This module allows you to place all standard steps necessary to complete an order, such as billing and shipping addresses, shipping options, and payment information, on one page. OnePageCheckout provides better UX, increases conversion rates, and reduces abandoned carts.

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